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The morning was bright as always, but there was an air of something more. Something off putting but I couldn’t get a sense of it.
 I stepped out onto the morning of that Tuesday, so sure that today was like any other. I made my way to the market to buy that day’s necessities, paying  the sun just the usual attention.
 “Good morning, Mrs. Parker.” My neighbor, Sala Markers, greeted me as usual.
 “Good morning, Mrs. Markers. Seems to be a good day, doesn’t it?”
 “Indeed. Well, see you later in the day. I have to  have to hurry, or Payton will cause a ruckus. She is ‘bout a handful. If you know what I mean.” She smiles, but that falters as she realizes I don’t actually what she means. But she rushes inside to escape the awkward air.
 I sigh. Since I married my husband, James Parker, he has wanted a child as much as I do. Perhaps even more than me, but in the three years we’ve been married, not so much as a wink of p
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Short Story
She took a step back, too confused and scared to do anything else.
 "What?," she managed to squeak.
 He shifts his feet again, and she could see his adam's apple moving while he swallowed.
 "Don't you know what I mean?" His voice was low and sheepish.
 "NO! I mean, why?"
 "Because, I see what others don't."
 She shakes her head. "And just what do you see?"
 "Your beauty, grace, and life." She chuckles. Then she sees his face and stops. "I don't understand."
 He shrugs. "It's simple, really. I see your love." He pauses,"I love you, Emmi."
 "No, you don't. No one can."
 "Why not?"
 "Because, I don't exist."
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Walking along the open path.
Singing along to my favorite song.
Never did I look, never did I see what was in front of me.
But now I know.
No one else thought I was there. No one ever saw me.
But then you were there, being just there.
Then I met your eyes.
"Hello." Was all I said, all I thought, and all I'll know.
"Good-bye." Will never be the answer.
'Cause you are here for me.
I now know you.
Finding myself in a loving embrace.
Never wanting to leave this warmth.
Once I was alone, once I was afraid to even try.
Then you came.
Suddenly I know what they meant. Finally, I get it.
Now I see you there. Now I feel you here.
"Hello." Wasn't the right thing.
"Good-bye." We'll never see.
'Cause I have found you.
And I'll never let you go.
We might find ourselves apart.
Might find it difficult.
Those lonely hours will feel like days.
And when you come, the sun will shine!
"Hello." Will be what we say.
"Good-bye." Won't even exist.
'Cause you'll be here with me.
And you'll never let me go.
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Blessed are those who guide to protect and learn.
But, those who are divine beyond any worldly matter are gifted.
Blessed are those who guide the gifted.
But, those who are gifted are earth's angels in disguise.
Blessed are those who guide the angels of earth... for they know love.
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Remind me.
 Yesterday wasn't as perfect as everyone believes. They'll think that it was just like the day before: uneventful. If I asked them.
 I don't even remember what it was that set me up. Just a feeling that yesterday WAS eventful, unlike what everybody else thinks. I don't understand anything at all. It's almost close to the fact that you were there. Not anyone who I know, not the people who know me. You. Were. There.
 I have no clue who you are, but remind me of yesterday. Show me, tell me, help me recall the unreconizable memory that's hiding. You know what happend, I don't. Your memories aren't clouded, mine are. Remind me of yesterday.
 Tomorrow approaches at an alarming rate. Time passes by in a blink of an eye, and we never seem to observe what's passing by. So, to whom I don't know, remind me of the day before it crawls away. Remind me of the things I love, the things I hold dear, of what I dream of at night wrapped in your arms. Remind me I still have what it ta
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This is me.
Unrefined, and
Fine by me to be
Beyound any explaination,
Observation, and
So savor me in my
Kind, and
'Little- old- me' moment.
For only the One knows my limits, and I know His love, compassion, and humor. So does He show these signs in His own way.
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Getting back up.
Put down,
But will fight the force.
Living on,
So I can welcome joy.
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Good night.
See the light in the morn.
Wait for a slated day.
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Tiptoe (Because we can...)
Leave the morning in the night as twilight crawls it's fingers across the sky.
Tread lightly, quietly.
And come to me.
"Don't let them know were coming"
"Tiptoe higher"
Walk a little closer, and feel me with loving hands.
Tempt me a breathless kiss.
Letting your eyes smolder me under that gaze absolutely dripping with desire.
Mark me yours.
Tiptoe to me.
Because we can let ourselves be free for the moment.
Let the masks fall and leave us skinned, but true.
Be with me while this world runs itself into the ground.
Who cares? We're young.
Leave us be.
Tiptoe to this moment.
Because we can tangle ourselves together, and not with the fights that drove us away.
Let the lights drop and fade, it is just us being us.
Say so long world and welcome me instead.
We're young.
So let's see where this will lead us.
And we'll whisper 'Tiptoe', because we can.
                              - Taylor Huskey (54th poem)
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The War of the Blood Ch.One- Harwin Day (part two)
   (Pg. 8- continued)
 "Sarla?" Mom's voice sounded torn, but that didn't shake me out of my frozen state. "Sarlamay! Honey, you must listen to me. Sarlamay!" Her hands roughly shook me, yet still I was unresponsive.
 "Oh, Sarla." The deep pity that gripped her words made me shiver with regret. "I know that is something you haven't been prepared for, and I'm sorry. My dear, you are special." Her dry, cold, brittle hand unbent (pg. 9) my stiff fingers, wrapping her semi warmth around my uncontrollable shivers of emotional pain. "You could bring all of us peace. The Free Tribes, Alliance, even Nethia. Don't you realize that?"
 My eyes seem to get scraped from the floor and fasten themselves to Mom before my body was ready.
 "No." Everything blurred.
 I stood up. No easy feat. "No, Mom. I said no."
 "Honey, what do you mean? You know that's impossible. You're a Calaso. It's your job to bring peace!"
 Her voice broke as it climbed
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Gone with the Wind
I am just a whisper in a breeze,
A ripple in a wave.
I am just a note in a song,
A chapter in a book.
I am just a face in a crowd.
Then I'm gone with the wind.
Vanished out thin air
And erased in tiny breath.
The Butterfly Effect.
People will miss me. Me!
Out of all the people in the world. Me...
And when people miss me, I'll be remembered.
Not forgotten. Remembered.
Cherished in their memories and celebrated in life.
And when they're gone, they will be remembered.
Butterfly Effect... then gone with the wind.
                         - Taylor Huskey (53rd poem)
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I wrote a letter to you. Propped up against a flowering vase in front of the door, waiting for you. For your eyes only. I thought I could stand being here, but even the walls think. They could whisper the echoes of the past, and you wouldn't even know. I'm sorry.
I wish I could've stayed and be there, but the echoes are louder than a wisp. They are loud, screaming voices in my head and there is no way to stop then. No way out.
The memories took control and threw me down hard on the ground. The only way to tame the war was to... leave you. I'm sorry. I wish I could turn around back to you and our little girl, but the echoes would drive me out. They would even push me from my baby girl. I am weak.
I don't want to leave. I don't want to give up, for her. But the memories suck my joy like vampires suck blood, with a vengence. Please, don't stop loving me, don't hate me, because someday the memories will go away to nothing and spare me pain, sadness. I love you, I love her. Wait for me, my
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Turning Page by Sleeping At Last (Excerpt)
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Smile (Only 'cause I lost her.)
I am smiling.
Can't you see it despite everything?
I am happy.
You see it in my eyes, don't you?
I'm okay.
So why do you keep asking?
Yes, I was a mess.
But, I'm better now, right?
Yes, I cried 'till I was dry.
But, I can't cry anymore, right?
Am I not suppose to miss her?
There's a void now.
That once had a little light,
But it flickered and now she's gone.
There's a darkness...
How do I move on and not wish for her?
She was my whole world,
Yet she didn't even get to see it.
Now I have nothing.
I'll smile.
I'll be happy.
One day I'll be okay.
I am smiling, but only 'cause I lost her
And she won't be able to.
                 - Taylor Huskey (51st poem)
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Heart ling.
Whisper to yourself.
Comfort the ache that persists.
Hold the pieces together and put them back together.
They might've broke you down with words
Like blades break skin,
But the wound will heal.
You will be made whole again.
Your eyes will refill with love once more.
The pieces will be mended.
Yet, over and over again your heart breaks, crumbles.
And over and over again your heart will put itself back together.
This experience will repeat.
Until, Heart Ling,
Your heart breaks no more,
The overwhelming immortal death is done,
And the life is permanently put back in to your eyes.
Then will you be spared.
Only then will your life have purpose and meaning.
At that moment, you will be so scared,
You can't help but stay, and, finally, be loved.
Only then will you be unbroken.
               - Taylor Huskey (50th poem)
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See you in the next life.
Skip a beat.
You'll never know.
Mark yourself.
Then make a run.
Take your time.
The clock is ticking.
Make it fast.
You're running out of time.
Find your footing.
You're slipping.
Tick, tock by heartbeat.
You'll never know.
They'll see you.
They know you're there.
They'll never let you go.
You'll be in their grasp.
And I'll forget your face.
I'll forget you.
I've just been born.
Just seen life. Felt it.
See you in the next life.
I suppose.
Maybe you'll be there...
                - Taylor Huskey (49th poem)
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Keep doing what you do! Your angle on the true beauty of the flower is breathtaking. I wish I could see the world as you do. Now I woul...



Doesn't             any                   one               see                      that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                    Visual art


                                                   isn't everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, writing involves people reading what you create. Just as visual art is created to be seen.

                                       Doesn't anyone ever READ anyore?


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